about me

My name is Karolina Janelli and I am a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture at the Wrocław University of Technology.

For as long as I can remember i was interested in creative work – at the beginning it was drawing and painting, later passion for photography. During my studies I discovered the beauty of broadly understood design and how much joy intercoring with architecture gives me. I also understood how important is the visual display of the project in the design process and how a proper presentation influences its reception.

In carelli studio I combine all my passions together. 

The love for design and architecture, awareness of trends and the industry means that the visualisations created by me are made with great attention to detail. In the process of creating, I care about a good understanding of a given project in order to reflect its character, and thus bring out all its advantages. 

Passion for photography translates into skillful and efficient playing with light, a sense of materials and how they present themselves in a given scene. Manipulating depth of field and creating aesthetic and, above all, realistic frames makes digital images as good as professional photo sessions. 

Interest in painting and drawing gives the designs and visualisations an artistic flair, which makes them stand out from the competition and attract attention. 

When creating, my main goal is to bring out the beauty of every, even the simplest, project so that the client can see it through the eyes of the designer. I want to move the imagination of the recipient and arouse emotions in him.