By presenting your product or project in the form of a realistic visualisation, you make it much more appealing to the recipient’s imagination and bring a new dimension to perception, allowing better understanding of the author’s vision. This leads to increased interest and sales, no matter which industry you work for.

carelli studio is creating photorealistic 3D visualisations, graphic designs and interior design. 360 images and the creation of custom-made 3D models and plans are also available. I encourage you to read the details of the offer.

inp: Auhaus Architecture
inp: Auhaus Architecture

product visualisation

A photorealistic presentation of the product, presented in custom made arrangement with lighting created especially for its needs. Made with attention to every detail, showing the mechanisms and technologies used. It is possible to order only a 3d model or a model with visualisation. Modeling and visualisation of any product from any industry is possible.

interior visualisation

Interior visualisations made based on the provided design or original concepts. Dedicated to public and private facilities, with an individual approach to each project. 

insp: Yodezeen

exterior visualisation

Architectural visualisations for all types of objects – public and private. Photorealistic images presented in the highest quality that reflect perfectly the architectural design, showing the context, form, technologies and materials used. You can choose any time of the day and year presented in scene.

interactive walkthrough

Interactive walkthrough, also known as a 360 panorama or a 3D walk, are a form of presentation that has been gaining popularity recently. This feature allows you to view your design from all sides by rotating in the scene. It gives the possibility of a virtual walk around the project, which allows you to feel and understand the space presented.